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Why Choose Us...

redk is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, integrate their customer strategy into their business, provide innovative technology, and add value to their business that will make a difference.

Our orientation towards clients means that we are constantly striving to provide the most effective solutions, including issues and needs that haven’t yet been identified. To this end, we adopt an iterative approach to technology and project implementation methodology.

As a highly experienced CRM consultancy firm dedicated to meeting both technical and business needs, we demonstrate expertise across a range of industries, as well as deep knowledge of our technologies. However, we are aware that things are constantly changing, so we are continually striving to improve and adapt. Working with redk means working with a true partner, with an emphasis on client-focus and innovation.

Proven Experience

For more than 10 years, over 100 successfully deployed projects have demonstrated our commitment to our clients.

Quality Commitment

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We have the responsibility for the success of our customers’ business and strive to exceed their expectations.

True Partner

We create long-term relationships, built on trust, not only with our clients but also with manufacturers, employees and suppliers.

Global presence

Benefit from our global expertise with a local presence. Through our corporate offices in the United Kingdom and Spain we deliver superior solutions.

CRM realm

We understand CRM as a core business strategy. Our team has profound know-how and ongoing involvement in CRM implementations.

Team Force

Empowering individuals to work within teams to actively contribute to continuous improvement and to achieve goals.

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