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Amazon BuyVIP, Integrating SugarCRM

CRM Solutions to enhance customer experience in e-commerce

Who are Amazon BuyVIP?

We should at first start with BuyVIP’s personal success story to understand their passion for growth. BuyVIP was created by savvy Spanish entrepreneurs who successfully adopted a members-only retail club. Impressively, they connecting more than 3.5 million members to over 400 brands by 2009 before Amazon successfully purchased them for nearly $100 million.

Essentially, Amazon BuyVIP’s membership organisation enables the sale of high-end goods online, from brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, to its members at affordable prices.


Amazon BuyVIP had three core objectives in their quest for growth:

  1. To be business ready for ‘change’; taking advantage of industry changes through strategic utilisation of managerial and production methods and tools.
  2. Be scalable and sustainable in their era of exponential growth.
  3. Be agile enough to endure gruelling changes to the evolving business model as the company continues to grow.


When addressing objectives that consist of future-proofing for growth and evolving business models, it becomes evermore important to understand the company vision. With this in mind, we set about discovery and scoping the project from the inside out. First, starting with idealising the perfect outcome and why this is important to the business in the long term. It is only after this that we can make the right recommendations in terms of strategy and a technology implementation roadmap.

It was evident early on, that the emphasis on adaptability to changes in the business environment and on addressing the market and customer needs proactively, would be critical to the success of the project. The core solution for this project would need to deliver versatile and secure customer service, aimed at improving overall customer experience.

As with every business, Amazon BuyVIP had considered a number of other solutions and providers, including Microsoft Dynamics and developing their own in-house software, before successfully procuring redk. Amazon BuyVIP were confident in choosing redk for this project because they were ‘able to fully understand the objectives and challenges with extra care and detail’.

We were proud to be told that we were the only technology and consultancy company to offer solutions that addressed all business objectives, as well as providing strategic and in-depth implementation plans. This was provided inside a comprehensive and transparent SugarCRM package at a cost-effective rate.


After conducting full audits of Amazon BuyVIP’s internal systems, and providing consultation and analysis on effective and efficient ways to operate, redk built a project roadmap and made recommendations for best-in-class SugarCRM. A CRM which redk could customise bespoke in ways that are beneficial to membership organisations.

Due to the sheer amount of data across multiple systems, interoperability was extremely important to make sense of it and maximise the use of it across multiple departments. redk successfully integrated numerous data sources, such as the online store’s back-office, ERP system and a third-party logistics provider, to ensure a quality service and help Amazon BuyVIP adhere to their service-level agreements.

Integration of SugarCRM, enabled Amazon BuyVIP to streamline their customer service management, saving hundreds of hours. It also allowed them to automate purchase orders for millions of customers, providing an unrivalled customer experience to their members.

The working relationship continued beyond project and roadmap completion, with redk providing ongoing support and Sugar services to Amazon BuyVIP and their customer services team.

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