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Amazon BuyVIP, Integrating SugarCRM

CRM Solutions to enhance customer experience in e-commerce

Who are Amazon BuyVIP?

BuyVip was created by Spanish entrepreneurs who successfully adopted a members-only retail club business model. Amazon BuyVip sells a range of products online, promising its members high-end goods at affordable prices.


The project had to fulfil three key objectives:

  1. Achieve a significantly more agile production output
  2. Be scalable and sustainable
  3. Be flexible enough to endure changes to the evolving business model as the company grows


The core solution for this project should deliver a versatile and secure customer service platform, aimed at improving overall customer experience.

Prior to implementing redk, Amazon BuyVIP had considered a number of other solutions and providers, including Microsoft Dynamics and developing their own in-house software. Amazon BuyVIP appointed redk who fully understood their objectives and challenges. All three objectives were met and supported with in-depth implementation plans; this was provided inside a comprehensive and transparent SugarCRM package at a cost-effective rate.


redk conducted full audits of Amazon BuyVIP’s internal systems, consulting and analysing on effective and efficient ways to operate. By integrating SugarCRM, redk streamlined customer service management and purchase orders for millions of customers.

Due to the sheer amount of data across multiple systems, interoperability was extremely important to make sense of it and maximise the use of it across multiple departments. redk integrated numerous data sources, such as the online store’s back-office, ERP system and a third-party logistics provider, to ensure a quality service and help Amazon BuyVIP adhere to their service-level agreements.

redk continued to work with Amazon BuyVIP and their team, providing ongoing support and services for their Sugar solution.

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