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Boiron, Integrating CRM Solutions for Marketing

Implementing a segmentation strategy, for B2B and B2C, in the pharmaceutical industry

Who are Boiron Laboratories?

Boiron Laboratories were established in 1932 as a family business with a mission to fulfil patient needs. Currently, they manufacture homeopathic medicines, boast a team of more than 4,000 people worldwide and sell their products in over 80 countries. Boiron professionals are primarily engaged in drug research and discovery.


Boiron needed a CRM tool to execute their marketing plan at both strategic and operational levels.

They aimed to improve the quality of information, prevent discrepancies and duplication of data, as well as classify contacts and customers. They were looking for a user-friendly solution with a short adoption period for their users. Furthermore, the solution had to offer the department’s ways of capturing enquiries, prepare reports to track ROI and monitor KPIs.


redk implemented a CRM solution at Boiron by integrating SugarCRM technology with marketing automation. This provided a centralized IT platform with automated marketing. It gave sales teams and marketers access to a wide range of data, such as registrant event details, customer and prospect data, pipeline revenue and sales status’, business proposals and customer documentation. This made customer segmentation effective and easy. Information could also be passed to other software applications used within Boiron via simple integrations developed by redk.

In addition to furthering functionality through the CRM platform, redk identified an opportunity to enrich the customer experience on behalf of Boiron, by providing their customers the ability to set their communication preferences. These new features enabled users to control the marketing communications they were interested in receiving, meaning Boiron was able to be more data compliant without losing engagement.

The flexibility provided by this solution made it possible to address business requirements and scale as the company grows.

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