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Boiron – Integrating CRM Solutions for Marketing

Implementing a segmentation strategy – B2B and B2C – in the pharmaceutical industry


Boiron Laboratories started off as a family business back in 1932 with a mission to fulfil patients’ needs. Today, it manufactures homeopathic medicines, boasts a team of more than 4,000 people around the world and sells its products in over 80 countries. Its professionals are engaged primarily in drug research and discovery.


Boiron needed a CRM tool to execute their marketing plan at both strategic and operational levels.

They wished to improve the quality of information, prevent discrepancies and duplication of data as well as classify contacts and customers. They were looking for a simple solution with a short learning curve for their users. In addition, the solution had to increase the department’s ability to make inquiries, prepare reports and monitor KPIs for the assessment of its planned actions.


redk set up a CRM solution at Boiron by integrating SugarCRM technology. The latter provided a centralized IT platform and automated marketing. It gave users access to registers’ activities, customer data, sales status, business proposals and other useful data for management. This allowed for an effective segmentation of customers. Information was also integrated into other software applications used in the company.

In addition to furthering functionality through the CRM platform, upon examining the company, we also detected another set of functionalities that had to be developed. The system needed to be adapted to customers’ needs. These new features enabled users to manage specific marketing campaigns, such as events, training sessions, and surveys, among others.

The flexibility provided by this platform made it possible to address business requirements without increasing subscription costs.

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