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Camper – CRM System Migration to a New SugarCRM Platform

Customer service management tool providing a 360-degree view of customers


Based in Inca, Mallorca, Camper is a family-run shoe manufacturing business which has become a major multinational player. It started its international expansion back in 1992, opening branches in key cities for the fashion industry, such as London, Paris and Milan. Camper is currently the oldest footwear company in Spain, boasting continuous growth.


Camper had to handle such a large volume of data that obtaining a full view of its customers proved difficult. Thus, having a flexible CRM solution was vital. Furthermore, the company was also seeking to reduce system-associated costs due to limited profitability until then.

After reviewing the options on the market, at first they decided to continue working with their previous CRM provider. However, after a hands-on session with our team, they eventually opted to switch to redk for our outstanding expertise.


We worked closely with Camper in the migration from its previous system to our new SugarCRM-based platform. Camper aimed to maintain its high levels of quality, both in terms of products and customer service. It chose to integrate SugarCRM into its quality control department, in charge of responding to requests and incident reports from customers around the world. As of today, the tool has been fully integrated within Camper’s e-commerce platform and business management system.

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