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Camper, CRM System Migration to a New SugarCRM Platform

Customer service management tool providing a 360-degree view of customers

Who are Camper?

Camper is an exciting family-run shoe manufacturing business based in Inca, Mallorca. They started their international expansion in 1992, opening branches in fashion-centric cities, such as London, Paris and Milan.

They proudly state:

“Every season we strive to reinvent some of our classic concepts while continuing to challenge the status quo with new and original designs. We often find that there is a Camper style for every walk of life.”

It is this attitude and ethos that has earned them the accolade of the ‘longest running footwear company in Spain’, boasting continuous growth.


Due to the large volume of data Camper handles, obtaining a full single customer view proved difficult. This pressing need to understand data and make sense of how they could maximise their ROI, resulted in the compelling requirement for a more robust and scalable CRM solution.

Inevitably, as the industry and company evolved, the need to reduce system-associated costs also became more of a priority to remain profitable. After careful due diligence, despite the temptation to remain with their incumbent, Camper chose redk to handle their CRM upgrade and development.

They said they were impressed by our ‘hands-on’ approach during scoping sessions and appreciated the strategic expertise, which impacted the way they were able to access and draw insights from data.


redk successfully migrated Camper from their previous system to their newly adopted SugarCRM, without any downtime or reduction of service to their customers. It was imperative that Camper maintained their high-level of quality in product and customer service, something the family business prided itself on.

We improved the overall quality of  service by integrating Sugar into their pivotal quality control department. The purpose behind this new integration and process design, was so they could introduce global accountability into responses to requests and handling incident reports from customers in real-time. Camper continues to successfully leverage the use their fully integrated solution, alongside, their e-commerce platform and business management system.

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