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Chemo Group Integrates SugarCRM Solutions to Improve Business Processes and Take Customer Relationships to Another Level

Consulting and implementing a CRM solution for supervising purposes.

Who are Chemo Group?

Chemo Group are a leading global pharmaceutical company that has been actively engaged in researching, manufacturing and marketing medical products since 1977. They operate in over 40 countries and employ approximately 5,000 people. 


Chemo Group were focused on becoming more customer-centric, which would enable them to improve attrition rates during research, resulting in a more efficient time to market for medical products. Due to the mammoth size of its company, managing its vast information flow was hindering data analysis and gaining further insight about customers.

Chemo Group needed to centralise and gather all customer interactions into a single customer view. The objective was to empower employees and allow them to be able to refer to customer interaction data, identify business opportunities and track their status. In short, Chemo Group required a one-stop data source that would catalogue all data sources and standardise processes from one system.


As a SugarCRM Elite Partner, redk played a key role in helping Chemo Group develop best practice in the standardisation of business processes. Sugar was implemented to handle the practical use, supported by a defined CRM strategy scoped out by redk. By implementing Sugar, Chemo Group were able to gain quick access to information, make better decisions and assist the sales force. Without this, Chemo Group believe they would still be struggling to make sense of their customer insights, which now enables them to provide a customer-centric service.

Chemo Group are currently preparing the integration of new tools with redk to build on this success.

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