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CRM Implementation Services

A CRM strategy is only as good as its implementation

redk aims to deliver transformational implementation, by supplying business value through consultancy and solution based technology. Implementation that is efficient and cost effective.

We are experts in implementing best in class CRM and Customer Experience solutions that empower your business to focus on growth.

We know technology should have a strategic focus with a practical benefit to your business. It must support your overall plan to help you achieve your goals. This means we take care to provide CRM implementation solutions that are based on understanding your market and your business strategy.

CRM Design & Consulting

Our services go beyond just the software. We focus on understanding your business challenges and aid in the creation of a CRM strategy that will provide an excellent customer experience.

  • CRM planning, strategy and program implementation
  • Business process engineering, focused on generating value to your customer
  • Sales management strategy design and tactical execution
  • Customer support strategy design, built to develop loyalty and increase retention
  • Customer journey strategy design and implementation for B2B & B2C
  • NPS strategy and improvement
  • Marketing automation strategy, design and implementation
  • Digital journey strategy, design and implementation

CX & CRM Implementation

Our projects aren’t just about the technologies we deliver. We implement CRM, Customer Experience and Marketing Automation solutions that have a compelling impact on the success of your business.

  • Organisational efficiency in the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service departments for B2B & B2C
  • Improve the effectiveness of customer acquisition and customer retention techniques
  • Comprehensive CRM implementation at all levels, including technology, processes, and people
  • CRM culture implementation and change management
  • User-centric UX design to encourage fast CRM adoption

Strategic Technology Management

We pair technology implementations with business strategy, which guarantees security, scalability and sustainability.

  • Data strategy¬† including data quality, MDM, data stewardship, analysis data modelling
  • Data integration strategy and data security
  • Platform & systems strategy for On-Premise, On-Demand, Private Cloud, PaaS, SaaS
  • Information security and DPA compliance
  • GDPR compliance and policies
  • Digital ecosystem integration
  • TCO Management

CRM Continuity Services

We ensure your implementation is feasible, scalable and sustainable. Aiming to provide solutions that safeguard your investment in CRM and CX over time, with services ranging from practical to strategic.

  • Application tech & user support
  • Application enhancement services
  • User focused training services
  • Consulting services for ongoing development
  • Implementation auditing
  • Digital optimisation & automation sophistication growth
  • Best practice consultancy to ensure scalability and sustainability

Our Technology Suite

Discover a different kind of CRM.
SugarCRM transforms the enterprise. Its powerful, adaptable and affordable platform is made for the way your business runs today, leveraging a world of information and new opportunities.

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Zendesk helps companies provide a great overall customer experience. It builds customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. Better customer service starts with better interactions.

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Close the digital gap, deliver intelligent marketing. IBM Watson Campaign Automation delivers exceptional customer engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle, taking advantage of customer data and multi-channel capabilities.

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CRM Ultimate Buyers Guide

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