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Customer Services Automation Solutions

Deliver excellent customer experience by providing your employees with the best technology

The power to provide an excellent customer experience is in the hands of your employees. redk implements solutions that allow your employees to support customers through their customer journey. Your company can create a customer experience that differentiates from your competitors. Achieve this through implementation of the best technology, improved processes and well trained staff supported by redk.

We can accomplish a simplified multi-channel customer experience, while ensuring customer satisfaction, improving efficiency and allowing you to do more with less hassle.

Provide multi-channel support

Deliver an omnichannel customer service by handling inbound requests from any channel in one place; email, web, social, or chat in a seamless way.

Increase agent productivity

Easy access to customer data in one place through seamless integrations. Save time with automations optimised and workflows.

Boost customer experience

Create a first-class customer experience that will set you apart from your competition, with quick, personalised, and consistent customer service.

Technology Suite

redk and Zendesk provide the support you need to get the most out of a cloud-based customer service platform. redk supplies Zendesk implementation, integration and platform customisations to suit your business.

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redk and SugarCRM ensure you get the most out of your customer relationships using CRM. Sugar holds your customer data, providing your employees with a 360-degree view of the customer, so they can provide a quality service.

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