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CRM Transformation

for Software Publishing companies

redk is a CRM Transformation consultancy and technology company.

We specialise in providing CRM Transformation strategy and best-in-class CRM, CX & Marketing Automation technology to the Publishing sector.

We understand your business first, so we can achieve strategies at a staggering rate in comparison to our competitors.

Essentially, we do the big thinking. We conceptualise the perfect outcome for your business as if your current barriers and challenges didn’t exist. This refreshing approach allows us to focus on the future and the right technologies for you, rather than dwelling on existing limitations.

Ready to let us do the big thinking?


Strategies for increasing revenue growth whitepaper
Building Strategies for Increasing Revenue Growth
Customer experience is the foundation of successful business practice. Designing strategies to drive sustainable growth within an organisation involves a rapid response to new digital trends and close monitoring of customer sentiment.


Improving customer retention & reducing churn with NPS whitepaper
Improving Customer Retention & Reducing Churn with NPS
A proper CRM Transformation strategy builds trust and loyalty throughout the customer life cycle. It will optimise retention strategy decisions by identifying the relevant strengths and areas for improvement. Is NPS the starting point?


Engaging your customers through innovation & multichannel strategies whitepaper
Engaging your Customers through Innovation & Multichannel Strategies
Leveraging new technology to engage customers across channels should be the main focus of any modern marketing strategy. Failure to do so severely undermines a business’ ability to forge long-lasting and profitable relationships with clients.


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