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How to start your

CRM Transformation

The global CRM market will grow by 36% through to 2022.

redk is a CRM Transformation consultancy and technology company that can instigate substantial growth. We are a CRM Transformation consultancy and technology integrator. Specialising in servicing the needs of organisations going through digital transformation by integrating modern digital platforms in conjunction with rapid delivery.

redk implements best-in-class CRM, CX & Marketing Automation technologies for companies in the Publishing sector.

We build a CRM digital framework that delivers value to all stakeholders and constituents of the organisation. A deep understanding of what value means to each of these stakeholders enables the team to understand what the final aim of the project is.

  • Value to the customer: We design operational models, technologies and enables people and culture focused on building an extraordinary customer experience.
  • Value to the employees: We design with the focus on empowering staff with the tools, processes, know-how and values to deliver the desired customer experience.
  • Value to the executive team: By delivering the accurate information and business insights, to drive a faster decision making process and to stay ahead of the competition.

Our methodology aims to provide a robust and reliable framework to effectively assess, design, develop and deliver a CRM roadmap. The methodology addresses three core elements:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Rapid technology delivery
  • Organisational and operational change

Start your CRM Transformation


Strategies for increasing revenue growth whitepaper
Building Strategies for Increasing Revenue Growth
Customer experience is the foundation of successful business practice. Designing strategies to drive sustainable growth within an organisation involves a rapid response to new digital trends and close monitoring of customer sentiment.


Improving customer retention & reducing churn with NPS whitepaper
Improving Customer Retention & Reducing Churn with NPS
A proper CRM Transformation strategy builds trust and loyalty throughout the customer life cycle. It will optimise retention strategy decisions by identifying the relevant strengths and areas for improvement. Is NPS the starting point?


Engaging your customers through innovation & multichannel strategies whitepaper
Engaging your Customers through Innovation & Multichannel Strategies
Leveraging new technology to engage customers across channels should be the main focus of any modern marketing strategy. Failure to do so severely undermines a business’ ability to forge long-lasting and profitable relationships with clients.


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Customer Success

Chemo Group Logo
Chemo Group: Process Design & Consulting
redk played a key role in helping Chemo Group develop best practices in the standardisation of business processes. With redk implementation & consulting services we were able to gain quick access to information, make better decisions and improve sales effectiveness. Without this, we believe we would still be struggling to make sense of our customer insights.”

Consulting Services >

Cochrane: Onboarding, Migration & Implementation
Chris Champion, Head of Membership, Learning & Support services at Cochrane said: “The conscientiousness and competency of the redk team has really impressed us throughout the process of migrating from our previous supplier. We are now looking forward to working with redk on future projects with confidence in their ability to deliver.”

Implementation Services >

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