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Marketing Automation Implementation

Using marketing automation to drive engagement and generate revenue

Create a seamless digital experience with high performance marketing automation

Use marketing automation technology to drive results and support customer and prospect nurture programs. Optimise all marketing channels to increase recipient engagement.

Marketing Automation is marketing automation software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Instead of manually executing tasks such as emails, social media and other website actions, you can use marketing automation to make your life easier and set you up for future, long-term success.

  • Develop nurture programs
  • Create specific customer and prospect segments
  • Deliver customised and individual experiences
  • Create scoring models and predict behaviours
  • Enable multi-channel functions
  • Deliver high quality leads to your sales team

We believe there are four phases to successfully implementing marketing automation. Consider the following:

Marketing Automation Implementation Process

Marketing Automation

Close the loop between sales and marketing. Conduct email marketing campaigns with ease; manage contacts for new customers, create marketing campaigns and control their progress. Marketing and sales teams will have access to vast insight, enabling them to work efficiently and maximise results. All this in real time.

Multi-channel Management

Communicate with your sales prospects through multiple channels, such as your website, intranet, call centre, email, events, SMS and social media. Centralise all data into a single IT platform. redk’s CRM & Marketing consultants can connect technology, multi-channel actions and strategy, making your life easier.

Measuring Campaign Profitability

Monitor your marketing ROI, associating each campaign with potential customers, sales opportunities and marketing costs. Thanks to ROI tracking you can improve planning for future marketing initatives. redk are here to help you increase your marketing profitability and overall marketing efforts.

Technology Suite

redk and IBM Watson Campaign Automation have partnered to help you to deliver enterprise digital marketing automation. Watson Campaign Automation is a digital marketing automation platform designed to put the power of data in the hands of the marketer. Use behavioural data from any source to create consistent campaigns wherever your customers are through channels like email, web, mobile apps, SMS, social, group messaging and more.

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redk and Act-On offer a cloud-based marketing automation solution. Built to give marketing teams the tools to implement marketing automation without the complexity of big enterprise system implementations. Improve your marketing through an integrated workspace that drives the customer experience end-to-end, from awareness and acquisition through retention and loyalty. Everything you need to harness a better brand and customer experience.

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