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Our Technology Suite

Find the right technology and customer management solutions for your company

SugarCRM has become one of the fastest growing and most widely used CRM systems since it was first created 10 years ago. We can help you to integrate it with your business platforms and core business operations – sales, marketing and customer services.

Enable authorised employees to access customer and company data on the go. Keep in touch with your prospects and collect relevant data in real time. We are CRM Implementation experts who can help you embrace mobile workflow applications, enhancing productivity and improving customer service.

Mobile CRM

IBM Watson Campaign Automation enables the delivery of exceptional customer engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle, taking advantage of the customer’s data, providing analytical information and automating interactions across different channels.

Act-On is a cloud-based marketing automation solution, built to give marketing teams all the value of marketing automation, without the complexity of big enterprise systems implementations.

Act-On platform helps marketers to improve lifetime value, build conversations with customers, attracting new opportunities and increasing team collaboration.

zendesk logo

The Zendesk platform helps you harness the power of customer support by taking advantage of a powerful set of tools. Managing communication is the first step. By putting support front and center or building a customised workflow with Apps/API, you can move quickly and learn from your users’ experiences.