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IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Create meaningful customer experiences using personalisation, collaboration and agility delivered by the IBM Watson Marketing

Digital Marketing to achieve personalised interaction with your customers

IBM Watson Campaign Automation (formerly IBM Marketing Cloud) is a cloud-based digital marketing platform offering email marketing solutions, lead management and mobile solutions through marketing automation.

IBM Watson Campaign Automation enables the delivery of exceptional customer experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle, taking advantage of the customer’s data, providing analytical information and automating interactions across different channels. As part of IBM Watson Marketing, IBM Watson Campaign Automation facilitates the design of customer experiences across different applications, devices and times, to accelerate your business results.

Gain faster time to ROI and increased agility through a cloud-based digital marketing platform that integrates easily with other customer data sources and applications.

Quickly design and automate consistent cross-channel experiences. Make better decisions and deepen customer engagement with purpose-built analytics inside.

Benefits of IBM Watson Campaign Automation for your marketing organisation:

  • Conceptualise, design and automate customer experiences.
  • Offer consistent experiences across different channels.
  • Use integrated analytics for better results.
  • Understand and report on customer behaviour to make better decisions.
  • Provide a faster time to ROI.
  • Use a cloud-based marketing automation platform that can be easily integrated with other applications and data sources.

IBM Marketing Cloud Capabilities

“Easily Create, Edit and. Send Highly Relevant Emails.”

IBM Watson Campaign Automation helps marketing organisations develop industry-leading email campaigns that deliver relevant and timely communications based on online and offline behaviours. Check out these benefits.


  • Get More Personal

Send incredibly personal, relevant and timely messages that incorporate customers’ preferences and recent behavior.

  • Respond in Real Time

Trigger communications in real time and at the right time based on customers’ profile attributes or their behavior.

  • Deliver a Seamless Multichannel Experience

Integrate email with Web, social, mobile and offline channels to offer a seamless customer experience.

“Drive Personalized. Mobile Experiences.”

Effectively Engage with Your Always On-the-go Audience. Capture mobile insights in real time and drive personalized mobile experiences to each contact.

Check out these benefits:

  • Easily Integrate Mobile with other channels

Create multistep, cross-channel automated programs and campaigns at each stage of the customer journey.

  • Get a Single View of Your Customer

Combine and connect mobile engagement data with your existing customer profiles for cross-channel analysis, segmentation & targeting.

  • Drive Mobile Engagement

Leverage in-app behaviors, app interest data, and even SMS for a more robust view of your on-the-go audience.

“Maximize Your Social Presence”

Effectively Engage with Your Customers Across Social Channels
Leverage social interactions to better understand and respond to your customers.


  • Integrate Your Communications

Seamlessly connect social into your broader engagement strategy

  • Automate Social Campaigns

Leverage existing data to execute targeted, automated campaigns that increase engagement and drive revenue.

  • Better Understand and Respond to Contacts

Capture and sync social behaviors back to the Marketing Cloud to interact more effectively with your contacts.

  • Publish-to-Social/Share-to-Social

Reach more customers and prospects quicker. Post or schedule posts via the Marketing Cloud to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to coincide with your email sends. Easily share your emails on social networks sites.

“Capture, Qualify and Nurture Lead”

Close the loop between marketing and sales and drive greater revenue through lead management features that deliver higher-quality leads and decrease customer acquisition costs.


  • Lead Scoring

Monitor engagement levels, stage in the buying cycle and readiness to buy and then use that data to ensure that each contact receives the right content throughout every step in the customer journey.

  • Lead Nurturing

Automate customer conversations and respond to contact behaviors in real time. Create simple drip campaigns or multi-track workflows using email, direct mail, mobile and telesales with our visual drag and drop campaign editor. Use business rules and logic to optimally route your audience based on their behavior.

  • CRM Integration

Extend the power of the IBM Watson Campaign Automation to your CRM system. Seamlessly synchronize CRM data and marketing activity to improve the relevance of your marketing programs. Provide CRM users with a clear view into contact activities and interests, and drop contacts into predefined automated nurture programs directly from CRM.

“ Deliver Relevant Content in Real-time”

Deliver the personalized and engaging experience your customers have come to expect through features that allow you to understand, capture and optimally respond to their preferences and behaviors.


  • Real-Time Content

Insert product recommendations or other content into your messages in real time based on contact site activity, purchase history or other attributes.

  • Dynamic Content

Tailor content based on customer actions to maximize relevance and engagement.

  • Send Time Optimization

Automate delivery of your message at the exact time (day/hour) that each customer is most likely to be in his or her inbox.

  • Web Tracking

Capture contact Web activity and interests and use that data to score, segment and target communications to them based on that activity.

redk & IBM, a partner for your business

We have entered into a strategic partnership with IBM to develop technologically complex projects, integrating various components.
This is how redk allows you to easily deploy the tech solutions your company needs, minimising the impact of initial costs and making your investment affordable and worthwhile.
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