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Stay connected on the go

Keep in touch with your customers with your mobile CRM

Now you can save time by using the mobile edition of your CRM. Time is precious, and you and your sales team can now spend it on your customers instead of administrative tasks. This is made possible because of powerful functions and tools such as real time updates and notifications.

redk helps you to implement Mobile CRM to improve your sales processes, sales force and marketing. It will enhance your communication with customers, as well as with internal departments.

Any time

You can access important information about your leads, contacts, opportunities, etc in real time. Additionally, create new records on the go, as and when you meet with them.

Any place

You can access your CRM and work from anywhere. Don’t miss the opportunity to close deals and new contracts while outside the office.

Benefits of mobile CRM which enable improved customer attention and higher sales cuotas

    • Stay connected with your prospects and accounts when it matters most
    • Track your deals, log your calls, manage your tasks, and get important updates when you’re on the road
    • Maximise productivity with native apps optimised for both smartphone and tablet screen sizes
    • Retrieve or log key customer information even when you’re offline
    • Personalise with filters, favourites, and your daily activity screen to create dynamic and custom mobile user experiences
    • Choose from a wide selection of languages
    • Update your meetings on the move
    • Receive real time notifications
    • Share news instantly
    • Enjoy live access
    • Geolocation will allow you to visualise leads and customers on a map near to you, so you can see who else is in the area
    • Send personalised emails with corporate design at any time

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