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Sell faster, reduce cycle times and improve customer insights with SugarCRM

Custom-tailored solution that adapts to your business needs

Sugar helps to create a more personal, one-to-one experience for every customer interaction. With Sugar, your organisation can build solid customer relationships that set you apart from your competitors and in turn boost sales, improve satisfaction and drive more effective marketing campaigns.

SugarCRM is a highly flexible platform it provides an intuitive user experience, and broad ecosystem of partners, allowing enterprises’ to finally create a fully personalised approach building strong relationships with every customer. Automate end-to-end processes, across multiple channels, and mobilise your workforce in new and exciting ways with Sugar’s mobile offerings – all without increasing system costs. With Sugar, you will have a strategic platform, partner and a CRM designed for the enterprise from the ground up. Maximise your business potential and stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

SugarCRM is:

  • Powerful: Sales, marketing and customer support automation is the core offering that Sugar provides all in one easy-to-deploy package.
  • Flexible: Having a custom CRM does not have to be difficult, Sugar was developed to provide a fast and simple configuration.
  • Affordable: Sugar offers low, predictable pricing, allowing businesses to develop a custom CRM solution for all their needs. With no hidden fees.
  • Highly rated: PCMag recently rated SugarCRM the highest for customer satisfaction, receiving the top Net Promoter Score across all major CRM vendors.


Sugar enables you to access customer and company data at any time

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A CRM Solution to champion your business needs

UX Built For SalesHelp your team connect and sell

An amazing user experience is what we believe is fundamental to a successful CRM roll-out.

Sugar is award winning, has a modern user-interface and provides every employee with the information they need, when they need it, prior to even asking for it.

The SugarUX is clean, engaging and provides a consistent experience tailored to your users unique needs across all their devices. Helping to drive better option, increasing productivity, allows collaboration which results in better decision making.

Accurate Sales ForecastingFocus on the right opportunities and tasks to meet sales targets every time

Sugar’s pipeline management empowers sales leadership, helping your sales team with real-time sales analytics and insights for every deal. It also enables sales leadership and sales representatives with better collaboration for their deals through real-time analytics and insights on every prospect.

Monitor early indicators and any changes that might affect your sales representatives pipeline to increase revenue by spending time on the deals that matter most.

Your sales management team can spend less time doing admin and more time on guiding their team and coaching them with a focus on strategic initiatives.

Business Process AutomationAutomate complex business processes using a CRM workflow

With an Advanced CRM Workflow solution, Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate edition users have the ability to automate complex business processes using the CRM workflow automation engine based on BPMN standards. This helps to increase productivity, empowers the reuse of best practices, with the ability to effectively manage the customer experience.

An easy to use visual design interface allows anyone to rapidly design and deploy business processes. These processes work with a powerful rules builder effectively optimising routing and approvals for complex decision cycles. Cross-departmental effectiveness can be ensured through an advanced CRM workflow which can also be integrated with external systems to breakdown organisational boundaries.

Sugar Mobile CRM Maximise productivity and usage

Maximise productivity and usage with Sugar’s mobile app, optimised for mobile and tablet devices. While mobile your users can access all of their valuable data and stay on top of every single deal, look up valuable information or update records, never missing a moment to engage with your customers. Sugar’s mobile SDK can be leveraged to extend and build custom functionality unique to your business.

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