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Sell faster, reduce cycle times and improve customer insights with SugarCRM

Custom-tailored solution that adapts to your business needs

Sugar helps to create a more personal, one-to-one experience for every customer interaction. With Sugar, your organisation can build solid customer relationships that set you apart from your competitors and in turn boost sales, improve satisfaction, and drive more effective marketing campaigns.

Achieve significant gains in sales effectiveness

Drive your sales pipeline forward

Sales organisations can monitor the pipeline of sales representatives, track the activity of their sales teams, and monitor closed and expected revenue to get an accurate picture of future revenues.

Gain customer insights and drive decisions

Leverage strong reporting and charting capabilities to create personalised dashboards that update whenever information changes. Build customised charts and reports based on your key metrics.

Mobile access

Mobile CRM enabling employees to access all your customer and company data at any time. Keep in touch with your prospects and collect relevant data in real time. Leaders are embracing mobile workflow applications to enhance productivity and improve customer service capabilities.

Deliver a Different Experience

Sugar enables you to access all your customer and company data at any time. Sugar helps the user interact with the customer, understand their context and treat them in a personalised and relevant way.

  • Help your team connect and sell, not getting bogged down with data entry.
  • Focus on the right opportunities and tasks to meet quotas every time.
  • Provide expertise and team collaboration to sell more effectively.
  • Maximise efficiency by tailoring views and application logic to specific business roles using role-based layouts.
  • Enhanced time-based alerts, escalations and approval workflows.
  • Use collaboration to share files and ideas with your team in real time.
  • Easy Integration with global enterprise applications and data sources.
  • Gain customer intelligence across the complete customer journey.

SugarCRM Awards & Industry Recognition

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