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Zendesk Brings you Closer to your Customers

Delivering a simple yet exceptional customer experience

Zendesk provides your company the tools needed to improve customer engagement and fully understand your customer’s needs. Zendesk gives you the flexibility to move quickly, focus on innovation and scale with your growth. The platform has been built on a simple idea: make customer support software that’s easy to use and accessible to everyone.

More than 52,000 companies use Zendesk to provide better customer experiences in over 150 countries and 40 different languages.

With Zendesk you can:

Exceed customer expectations

Deliver quick, personalised and consistent service across email, web, social, phone, and chat from one agent interface. With instant screen pops that provide full customer profiles and cross-channel interaction history.

Empowered customer service

Increase agent productivity with easy access to internal knowledge base and pre-built data integrations, as well as time-saving business rules, automations, and macros. Better customer service, every time.

Understanding your customers

Use powerful analytics, custom dashboards and industry benchmarking tools to obtain a better understanding of your customers. Monitor and manage real time metrics. Knowing more about your customer, results in better service.

How can we help you?

redk, your Zendesk Customer Service Partner

redk helps you by providing a powerful set of tools to help manage your customer interactions. By putting support front-and-center with embeddables, data integration, customised workflow with apps or our API, you can move quickly and learn from your users’ experiences. Resulting in a first-class customer experience.

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